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"Keeping the Commandments of God and the Faith of Jesus"
"YAH is Our Righteousness"


A Cloud of Witnesses Reflecting Light Into the Darkness of Apostasy ...

Post Office Box 284
Spring City, Tennessee 37381-0284

Background Sound "Abide With Me"

Questions People May Ask ...

What "Good News" do we have to share?

What sort of unity do we possess in Christ?

BRIEFLY, What beliefs require our existence as His Church?

What is a "Seventh-day Adventist" in simple terms?

Why did we separate from the General Conference?

What indicates that a church has fallen beyond hope?

Did the General Conference cease imposing their "mark"

upon Sabbath-keepers after 1991?

What is our historical stand regarding bringing suit in civil courts?

How does our view of Roman Catholicism compare with the

General Conference Official Statement (April 15, 1997)?

How does our stand on homosexuality compare with that of

the General Conference Churches?

"Who is on the Lord's side" in this great controversy

between good and evil?

Are people finding agreement with us?

Will we answer your questions?

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Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) The "Fourth Angel's Movement" (Rev. 18:1-4)

Please Request Our FREE Tapes and Literature
Available to the Public
Which Provide Further Explanations of our Faith.

May YAH Bless You As You Obey His Voice.

Are you a Christian, looking forward to the soon coming of Christ?
Are you seeking to be found faultless before the throne of mercy?

You shall be blessed by attending our 1998 Spring Camp Meeting.

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The Greatest Deception

Of Our Era, Now Unmasked!
Seventh-day Adventists

coming soon!

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The Creation 7th Day Adventist
Association Church

The "Association Church" was established by unanimous vote at the Spring, 1997 Creation 7th Day Adventist Feast of Unleavened Bread. The scattered flock of individuals, desiring to be in covenant relation to Christ's visible and unified body of commandment-keeping Adventists, now has a provision for holding membership with like-minded Creation 7th Day Adventists. Efforts for world evangelism are to be maintained through this Providential blessing. Adventists seeking to be aligned with those who "keep the commandments of God [YAH] and the faith of Jesus [YAHSHUA]" are encouraged to contact us for more information.

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